strictly commercial

dirty jobs 1985 – 2000

There is nobility in it, it puts bread on the table, and pleasure comes after: work. The question arises, what its real secret may be: making money, killing time, entertainment, boredom, school of hard knocks (haha) or sheer escapism? Which of those – or all of them? Mr. Mohl and Mr. Reinhold review their student jobs, judge the case, and tell an anecdote every now and then.


MOHL: Dungarees, a cigarette during breaks, bone-tired in the evening, hungry as a wolf. You meet people who are thirty and look fifty, who show you how to hold a broom properly, how to hold a shovel properly, how to drive a forklift, how to stretch the breaks a little, how to knock an additional five minutes off the time clock.
REINHOLD: You’ll get everything you need there, you just have to write it down and this will be a funny funny book, haha.
MOHL: And full of wisdom. And authentic. And great art.

June 13, 2002, Salonbuchhandlung Im Theodor Tucher Restaurant, Pariser Platz, Berlin