your egg salad has a comma mistake

reflections and diversions on art and everyday life and everything in between

Each half-wit has answers – however, the art is to figure out the critical questions. Can the supernova be controlled by filling sand bags? Should the cafeteria be allowed to provide each and every dish with fried potatoes? Which gene is responsible for throwing a curve ball and why do we like water so much? Unearthing the connections between things is in no way a simple task and that’s why Mohl and Reinhold do not only read from their play “Revolution”, but from e-mails and letters. In fearless and concentrated labor they say goodbye to all common ground and dismiss the audience probably flustered, surely impressed, and possibly even content.


TWO: Imagine you would have to face your own clone.

ONE: Probably I wouldn’t recognize him.

TWO: You wouldn’t recognize him?

ONE: Are you sure you would recognize some dude who looks exactly like you? If you bump into some dude on the street, if he didn’t wear the same clothes as you, or have the same haircut, I wouldn’t recognize him. Don’t know, maybe I would think something like who‘s that asshole.

November 8, 2001, Salonbuchhandlung Im Theodor Tucher Restaurant, Pariser Platz, Berlin